MN Unemployment 2014 – Your Online Guide

Unemployment Resources for Everyone Seeking Work in Minnesota

Welcome to MN Unemployment – a completely free website with information and links to all the top online resources you need if you’re unemployed and looking for work in Minnesota. Our goal is to save you valuable time by creating a comprehensive, one-stop site with all the relevant online links to help you locate both financial assistance and guidance while you’re out of work, and to also help you find your next job.
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In 2014, we live in uncertain economic times.  Unfortunately, many individuals have recently found themselves unexpectedly facing  unemployment and looking for work – some for the first time.

Fortunately, there’s a vast amount of information available on the internet (almost all for free) for those willing to spend the time looking for and utilizing these resources.  That’s where we come in. We’ve already spent the hundreds and hundreds of hours to search and sift though all the websites to collect only the best and the most helpful (and especially those targeted at the Minnesota Area).

We update our site frequently and continually work to be the best Minnesota Unemployment Assistance website available on the internet today.  We also welcome your input and feedback.

The resources you’ll find on this website were specifically reviewed and selected for people unemployed and looking for work in Minnesota.  We’ve organized the MN Unemployment website as follows:

Federal Unemployment Resources:  The US Federal Government has numerous online resources and websites available for the unemployed.  These encompass both information on unemployment insurance, as well as numerous agencies with a wide variety of programs, guidance, and websites available.  We have several of the top links/sites here at MN Unemployment.

State MN Unemployment Resources:  The State of Minnesota also has assistance and resources available to those facing unemployment in MN.  We’ve included links related to State-supplied unemployment insurance, in addition to the many Minnesota sites and departments offering employment and career services.  The State has taken the time and effort to create (and keep current) several truly top-quality websites that can really help – and they are all available for free.  Make use of them!

Career Guidance & Libraries:  Libraries are a great (often untapped) source for a wide range of employment information.  With all the advancements in online data and accessibility, long gone are the days when people would spend Sunday’s at the library going though the newspapers looking for job openings.  Most counties and large educational institutions now usually have well organized online library systems.  Many colleges and universities also have online career centers and employment information, much of it available to the general public.  MN Unemployment has the links to the most helpful and comprehensive sites in Minnesota.

Find A Job:  Finding work is the ultimate goal!  To assist you we have compiled only the best and most relevant links for a Minnesota job search.  MN Unemployment has the links categorized by Search Engines, Employer Websites, Newspapers and Staffing Agencies.  All these resources can play an important part in your (successful) job hunt.

Social Networking:  Traditional networking has also changed because of the internet. Where networking for work once used to mean connecting with a small group of friends, neighbors, or ex-coworkers to find opportunities, the social networking sites on the web now allows your “group” to be much wider, more diverse, and updated instantly.  Here at MN Unemployment we have links to several of the best.

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