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Minnesota Unemployment Resources – State

The State of Minnesota has several key online resources that should be utilized by any unemployed individuals looking for assistance and work in Minnesota.  As MN unemployment insurance is administered and coordinated by the individual states (based on Federal Guidelines), if you’re seeking financial assistance you will need to work though a state agency to get enrolled (provided you qualify) and receive benefits.

state unemployment resources
The State of Minnesota, however, offers more help than only unemployment insurance.  The State has several departments and programs designed to assist a wide variety of people looking for a job or a change in careers.  These services range from career development, job search websites, youth development and training, help for people with disabilities, veteran assistance, job training, and physical workforce centers.

All of these services are available to qualified individuals with much of it available online for free.  They are developed and maintained by state agencies, and are (in general) well maintained and current.  Several of the resources are particularly well designed and helpful (see below).  These are your tax dollars at work – make use of them!

Here at MN Unemployment we have listed below some of the most helpful and relevant State of Minnesota Unemployment and Career Websites.

Unemployment Insurance Minnesota
This is the main Minnesota website for administering unemployment insurance.  This benefit is provide temporary financial assistance for workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.  Each state administers their own program based on set Federal Government guidelines.  The website contains the key information in apply for and receiving benefits.

iSeek careers is a Minnesota-focused career site that was much harder to find than it should have been, because it’s an fantastic website.  This website has a very nice free section on career exploration and a database of 500+ careers to browse.  They have a ‘Find a Job’ area that has regional-specific information including employers, job openings, salary information, and top careers.  Lots of the same tools the bigger sites have, but with a Minnesota-angle.

Positively Minnesota
The State of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development publishes a website called Positively Minnesota.  The website has an area specifically targeted at job-seekers, and contains a multitude (plethora?) of information on state provided employment websites, publications, and other resources.  Almost too much information in one place, but it’s well organized and frequently updated.

Minnesota Works
Minnesota Works is another regionally-focused job search website provided by the State of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.  A unique aspect of this site is that employers can post positions on this website for free.  Registration (also free) is required for job-seekers to fully access the job search database.  The search facility includes by zip code, country or region (via an online map), occupation, or keyword.

State of Minnesota Careers
This is the official site for State of Minnesota Government careers. The site allows you to search for jobs with the State of Minnesota, but also contains some online tools like a resume tips and examples and job search tips.

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